Over 80% of our business is organic growth of existing clients and client referral.  We are very fortunate to have such great client partners.

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Promoveo Health Contract Sales


By handling all of the logistical needs of building your sales team, we offer a scalable turnkey sales team.  No need to worry about if you registered in different states or have medical insurance.  We handle all of the details and just receive one invoice.


We handle all the recruitment and hiring and all our sales team members are employees of Promoveo Health. HR administration is our responsibility, whether five or five hundred. Leveraging our infrastructure, your organization can focus on commercial plans and actions. 

​​​Promoveo Health is a leading Contract Sales Organization (CSO) focused on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries.  We lead all staffing companies that are focused on top quality field sales talent.  Promoveo Health Contract Sales Representatives are W2 employees of our company and we provide all human resource (HR) administration so there are no additional fees, paperwork or taxes for your company.  Whether five or five hundred, Promoveo Health handles the recruitment, logistical and administrative work of hiring and managing your sales team.  Our seasoned sales professionals are fully equipped with an iPad, Iphone, Salesforce Automation, PDMA Sample Accountability, Auto Program and Expense Reporting that includes Sunshine Act Reporting. This allows you and your managers to focus on execution of your commercial plans and activities.  

Promoveo Health allows you to try before you buy your salesforce and can save you time and money.

Promoveo Health also offers recruitment services (Executive Recruiters) through our network of 15 Medical Sales Recruiters.